FBI says sheik's death could trigger violence

This was on the local news here as the Federal Medical Prison where the sheik is in the same town i live in (Springfield,MO USA). Anyway i haven’t seen any of this on the World News > http://www.ky3.com/news/4921001.html

Not heard anything about it over here.

Tell Homer I said Hi next time you see him.

It ran for several hours as a headline on CNN.com untiil it was replaced by the next disaster.

My vote is to whip out his kidney, stick a small nuke in him, set to go off in a few weeks, then let him run home to his terrorist buddies :wink:

Say hi to homer for me;)


Look, for anyone involved in radical movements, it seems like ANY excuse is enough to set off riots and violence and the like. :frowning:

Can’t stop living the life for fear of how every tiny little thing might torque someone off. If the dude is gonna die, he’s gonna die. If it’s natural and they still wanna go nuts, screw 'em.