FBI CD Comments



In the old Forum, I remember people were talking bad about FBI CD. Is it true? Their Web site is very slick, many long lonely hours on Flash. Give us some feedback, so we won't waste our money!


sent $ in August 22 and still
waiting for the reply if they receive my $.

have not receive any reply from FBI after 2 e-mails.

Don’t know!!!


FBI-CD are good guys!!! I have got always my cd’s within 1 1/2 weeks inclusive to send the money!!!


I never had a problem with them.
Sure sometimes it takes longer than ather times, but i’ve always received my cd’s.

btw if you check their site, you’le see that they had problems with their emails and that they’ve changed it.


Hope you guys are right about FBI.
but 4 weeks do not qualified for
fast service. Anyway wait and hope
the cd’s go thru.


The longest time I had to wait was for TL37, and that took about 37 days.

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So I have to wait 8 more days for
my CB 38 :sunglasses: . Let’s hope so.


Just let’s you guys know that my CB#38
finally arrive today. HooHoo…!!!
The package got a postaldated sept 17
so is it commonlly took 2 weeks for the package to be delivered to NorthAmerica from Europe?

Anyway I am happy