Favourite wave

It’s thursday evening and that means it’s time for a extremely useless poll about your favourite things. In this specific episode we type about waves.
What’s your favourite wave and what makes it so special for you?

Voters rule the world (democracy) so vote and rule the world!

Big white foamy ones :smiley: not really sure why i just think they look so powerful, and i like to see the nice men in their wet suits surfing :stuck_out_tongue:

They all love you :slight_smile:

Electic Boogie Style.

Do you have a pic for everything Mr B?

Google does :slight_smile:

I reckon you long to be a surfer… all that power between your legs…it’s very wet… several people can share the same ride … and you can do it all day :wink:

what about a sine wave?

my favorate wave is .wav audio! why no option for that?

ben :slight_smile:

that looks like a cosine with a phase shift. nice try.