Favourite danish insult

Hello there Beer_DoG, please excuse my spelling :wink:

Now then, since Denmark is in dispute with Canada over some rock in the middle of freezing nowhere I thought we should roll out the danish secret weapon, the swearwords! If you thought you could curse, look and learn as we go through some of the greatest insults in known universe.

(look above)

FYI: In denmark you can “gÃ¥ agurk” if you are really excited or upset, and the literal meaning would be “going cucumber”. Also, danish has three thousand different expressions (different as in only half of them involve the word røv, ass) for different states of drunkness :bigsmile:

Next week we’ll learn how to count in danish. You think you already can count? Not at all!

No wonder Hamlet was so depressed. He was going cucumber. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Airhead! Your private storage is FULLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

If you have come to understand something you can say it has “farted into your light table”. Danish to english is much fun, especially when you dont have all of your oranges (meaning you are drunk) :smiley:

Well, nice spelling. :flower: :clap: I’ll just have to correct the meaning of: “Rend mig I røven”. It actually means: “Run behind my ass”. :bigsmile:
I’m actually stunned by this topic, but the worst phrase that comes to my mind is:” halv svensker”, which means: “Half Swede”.
This degrading Phrase is mainly used at people, which live at Bornholm a (Danish island).
But the Swedes seem to dislike it as well. :cool: :bigsmile:

I bet if you Danish and Swedish people all enjoy a beer together, you get along fine and all that.

Hell yeah, Master:iagree: (I’m a røvslikker) :bigsmile: , but a little teasing is always appropriate :bigsmile:

Pik ansjos (cock anchovy): same as asshole or dickhead.
Fjeld abe (mountain monkey): since we don’t have any mountains In Denmark, this is properly yet an other degrading Phrase to describe some of our fellow Scandinavians, or people, which behave like ‘em.
Bonderøv (Farmers ass): hillbilly
Røvslikker (ass licker): a person who’s sucking up.
skrådt op (obliquely up) : up your ass.
kors i røven (cross In your ass): holy shit.
lokummet brænder ( The closet is burning): the fat’s in the fire.

u are a big teaser :bigsmile::stuck_out_tongue:

We get along fine once we get over the initial shock of their rude language :smiley:

Did you hear the one about the little dutch girl who stuck her finger in the dike? :bigsmile: She didn’t save the town, but the dike was sure happy…

Forhelvede…Lufthovede! Snup et par pilsnere: ”sÃ¥ gÃ¥r det hele meget lettere”.

[Translation of casual Danish speaking]
Hell…Airhead! Have a couple of BeeR’s: ”things will run much smoother afterwards”.

My Danish Insult

Bad Danish

This is bad Danish: ”its real name is spandauer, but we call it “bagerens dårlige øje” (the sick eye of the baker).

Ha! lmao! That’s hilarious! :clap: :iagree:

AAAAAHHHHHH!!! Me no b00red more there is (or whatever…)