Favourite Bands/songs etc

I want to get an idea of what music people on this forum actually listen to. I’ve observed people posting that only crap music gets promoted on radio stations when there’s an issue relating to recording industry greed; I strongly agree. However, I would like to know what music most people like around here; Rammstein has got to be my favourite, Superheist and Grinspoon are ok. I absolutely hate pop music, and some rap sux as well. Can anyone else tell me their views as well?

I listen to almost everything - from romanian gypsy to indian folk song, eminem to moby, but songs that I never get bored with are:

  1. Recuerdos de la Alhambra - performed by Los Indios Tabajaras
  2. Three love songs from Marsa - a romanian gypsy song
  3. The Zephyr Song - RHCP
  4. In My Mind - Antiloop

And many others, I guess, but these 4 are on the top of my playlist - talking about diversity in taste…:slight_smile:

Firewater All 3 cd’s, I orderd them a couple of months ago and till today the day isn’t finished when i haven’t listened to one of those.
For the rest
90’s sub pop bands like hazel, eric’s trip, codeine, afghan whigs
monomen and dead moon

I listen mainly to Rock and Metal. Some of my favourites bands are Deep Purple, The Rolling Stones, Rage, Dio, Whitesnake, Rainbow, Paradise Lost, Iron Maiden, Sentenced… I cannot stand rap, dance, and commercial pop. I also listen to classical music, mostly on live shows.

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I’ll leave this one open, as there are many new people on the board so they can follow it from the start… but please use our search :wink:

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The people who chat with us will know my answer: Lou Reed, all the way. :smiley:

dansmug is currently listening to: (Lou Reed - Video Violence) ¤ Length: (5:35)

Dance like trance/hardhouse. Hardrock like Korn/Deftones. Latest concert: last friday, Prong. :cool:

Anything that will make your head spin and has the potential to make you permanently deaf is ok in my case :slight_smile:

If you didnt get it- rock mostly

I listen to everything,but I really enjoy to listen rock!!!I mostly hear:

2)Blink 182
3)Queen etc.:bigsmile: