Favour : My nec 3500 Arrives tommorow need the Ultimate Bios HELP

Can someone make me a bios please with the following features.

RPC Region Free
RipLock Disabled
Based on Maddogs latest bios
Proper True NEC 3500 ID String
SL bitsetting Enabled - DVDROM
DL Bitsetting Enabled - DVDROM
DVD-R Ritek G04 2x4x8x Speed Selection as i think maddogs is limited to 4x max for these disks.

i would very much apreshiate it so when my drive arrives tommorow i can flash


Uh, you might want to read the the posts regarding firmware.
It’s all there, convoluted as it may be…

help would be great,

you know how meny pages and forums there are on the NEC 3500 LOL its a maze out there,

Burn your G04 at 4X…don’t waste them…they are too inconsistent to burn at 8X. Most firmware will burn them well at 4X. Finish them quick and get yourself some good TY stuff :slight_smile:

with herries v2 firmware for my NEC 2500@2510 burns my Datasafe G04`s Perfectly at 8x.

8x is perfectly fine for Go4 Datasafes i want my 8x back :confused: