Favorite weapon on UT2003

Mass destruction weapons not included…

It’s a close race between the flakcannon and the lightning gun, but a good headshot with the lightning is so satisfactory, so it wins :bigsmile:

I hate the lightning gun… the charging time really sucks!

The flakcannon got great firepower.
A good second, is the rocket launcher…

Ah well… what do I care… I don’t have the time to play this game (or any other game) anyhow…

Originally posted by Dee-ehn
I hate the lightning gun… the charging time really sucks!

You’re supposed to aim and hit with it you know… Then all you need is one shot :wink:

I like the flag cannon, but I am starting to like the rocket launcher more and more.

Btw: anybody knows how to create a rocket arena game mutator? So I can practice some more with the rocket launcher.

That thing already exists…its called “Arena”

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Originally posted by SchiZomaGORE
That thing already exists…its called “Arena”

Thanx, the description ‘replaces weapons and ammo’ didn’t give it away for me… But this is what I meant!


Ah, now I get it, I missed the extra button ‘configure mutator’ where you can select each weapon, with the rocket launcher as a default. :bigsmile:

What button??? I didnt know that…thanks for the info;)

Lol! :slight_smile: We are here to help each other out!