Favorite media in 1620?

So, what’s your favorite media for the 1620 & why?

I’ve tried both Prodisc and TY 8x + and and I give them a 7.5. The Prodisc are very plain shiny tops where the Fuji TY02 are matte silver finish with some insigna Fuji and such on it. They both suffer from time to time with a litle hump in (PIs) at the end.

Scale 1-10, 10 being best

Prodisc R03 7.5
TY02 8.0

Philips.C16 - excellent media based on a fuji developed dye. EXCELLENT jitter, PI and PIF error level. Writes very fast - currently the speed leader with 5 min 47 secs for a full disc.

Sold as philips 16x, benq 16x, That’s write 16x, fujifilm 16x and probably other 16x +R media.

Hearing/reading many positive experiences with Fuji (with certain media codes). Never had any problems with any CDR media, but looks like DVDR is an entirely different animal!

Got 5:45 with my NEC ND3500A and Sony branded DVD-r. Code is 08D1.

I gather thats made in taiwan?

was that a full disc?

TY T02 has done quite nicely for me so far but I sure would like to try the media mentioned by OC-Freak

OC-Freak are you able to buy any of these media?


That’s Write = been available for about 2 weeks in stores here.
Fujifilm = Not available here - but is available in Germany at least.
Philips = Not available here - but has been available in Germany for quite some time.
BenQ = Nope - only got as samples from BenQ.

Philips and That’s write says made in Taiwan. Fujifilm says made in Germany (could be true - fujifilm has a factory in Germany - and after all Philips.C16 should use fujifilm oxonol DYE).


Yes, full disc. I don’t have a Lite-On or BenQ to scan with but they seem to burn extremely well.