Favorite Linux?

Just got cable (yay!) and I was thinking of getting Linux. I’ve heard good things about Red Hat, Mandrake and Max OS but I figured I’d ask here (I think I can guess what RedHatted will say…)

Evil Entity

currently, I like mandrake, but i’m going to give that Evilentity linux a try.

i must say it does look good… maybe that or red hat for the next format.

The only reason that I like mandrake over the others is the huge amount of software that it comes with.

Mandrake -> nice interface
Evil entity -> gothic and funny
Redhat -> stable as can be
Debian -> apt-get
Suse -> zillions of software packages

Mandrake… What can I say, I was raised on Windows.

I’ve felt like installing Linux many times but I never (excluding that time I tried Redhat) gotten myself into it… I need my Windows-fix of applications and games everyday…
There’s no Photoshop in Linux… (I was gonna have a sad smiley here, but since we don’t have any I won’t. Why do we have two angry smileys but no sad?)

Hmm that is a good point, compatibilty is a must. Maybe ill finish one of my ghetto half-assed machines and put evil entity on it.

The problem of compatibility is getting smaller and smaller.

Many Windows programs can run under Linux and work quite fine. Wine is used for this. Here you can browse the Wine application database, with applications that have been tested with Wine. User comments and installation tips are available as well.

There’s still a decent change you’ve got apps that won’t run on Linux. Well, that’s where we’ve got VMWare and Win4Lin for.

Give it a try, there are many Linux apps available that will do just as fine as their Windows competitors…

My favourite:

I would recommend licoris as a distro for those totally unversed in linux and unwilling to abandon “intuitive” (i.e. long-learned) windows features.

For those who haven’t got hours to fiddle with formatting and/or setting up dual booters, try Knoppix - a complete linux OS that boots and runs from CD. It is excellent for trying out linux things, and can read all your current hdd stuff so good for rescuing etc.
For me it boots to desktop about as quicky as Windows. Well, that says more about windozzze I know…

mandrake is my fav, but red hat is pretty nice as well. the more they make me feel like im on a sun, the better.

Do any of them have XP NTFS support built in yet? I have really been waiting for that. I obtained a driver a while back that would let me read the NTFS partitions under mandrake, but I couldn’t write to them.

mandrake can read from the nfts partition natively on my machine. ill have to try writing to it tonight.

the only other question then; was the ntfs partition made with windows 2000 or windows xp? I think that they used a different version of ntfs or something. I appriciate the help.

it was with xp. you can compile ntfs support into your kernel if its not native. i know someone posted about it in the gen software.

Suse -> zillions of software packages

You got that right- 5 CD full of stuff. and the setup program is really sweet too. Nice multi-boot program as well.

yeah, but is there any way that you can get Suse linux for free?

yeah, but is there any way that you can get Suse linux for free?

no, only live evaluation edition are free

Red Hat all the way for me. Stable as hell

here is a good course http://www.ba.be/cursus/rute.pdf