Favorite Copy Software and Why



AnyDVDHD is excellent.


I like Anydvd HD I have three lifetime licenses well worth the money and supports the development of the new project if they had a simple donation link I would also donate to that best updated decrypter on the planet as far as copy programs I only do blurays so DVDFAB fills this very nicely for me.

For Dvds that I want a copy of I use 1clickdvdcopy Pro another of my favorite programs.


I have many favorite copy softwares,and I especially like those which break or circumvent the copyprotections that prevent my fair use rights…


dvdbackup command in Ubuntu. It extracts DVD structure on the disk. If libdvdcss is installed, dvdbackup will use it.

dvdbackup -M -v -p -o /output/directory


MakeMKV to rip DVD/Bluray, then Handbrake to squish it if I’m running low on disk space.

MakeMKV is pretty much a 1-click solution and Handbrake is as simple or complicated as you want to make it.

I’d love to use h265 for squishing, but my smart player doesn’t support it and my entry level Kodi box struggles at high resolutions, so h264 it is. Both in MKV containers though.