Favorite character from NBC's "The Office"

Who’s your favorite character from NBC’s “The Office” & why?

I like Dwight Schrute because he’s weird & more often than not, an idiot.

I left out Karen, Jan & Holly, because I don’t consider them part of the “regular gang”. This is just my opinion.

The BBC version of The Office is soooo much better…

I like them both.
Although the Brit. vers. is wittier & darker, I like the Amer. characters more & tend to laugh harder (that’s what she said) when watching it.

Thanx for posting, Taxman!

[QUOTE=Da_Taxman;2413609]The BBC version of The Office is soooo much better…[/QUOTE]

I love the BBC version, too :iagree:…to be fair though, I’ve never seen the US version :slight_smile:

I’ve not seen either one and expect that to continue…

The first time I saw this series (BBC version) was the X-mas special.
Because the guy was telling how he had become famous and trying to exploit that, I thought it was a documentary…and I felt really sorry for the guy for being so pathetic…when the credits came, I realized that was the series/acting… On the one hand I felt stupid, on the other hand I realized how good the show was… But after watching 2 or 3 episodes in a row (have the DVDs), you can get an overdose… :wink:

But I can understand why Americans wouldn’t like the original version… Probably applies to more typical British series (Keeping up appearances for one)

Like the NBC version, it’s a “mockumentory”.

Try it, you’ll like it! (Ignore the"Sprint" stuff & “Please select an episode”—just let it run on its own & it will play…)