Favorite Candy

What is yours?

All of the above. I’ve never had a candy I didn’t like. :slight_smile:

what you mean all of the abouve, i cant see any :confused:

areo hmm and cadburys flake :stuck_out_tongue: they are me favs chocolates and for hard sweeties i like lemon sherberts and liquorice allsorts specially berties;)

Mmmmm chocolate!
I like the purple cow. But I like snickers too, and other unhealthy candy. Gelly-rasperrys are nice.

The only candy I don’t like is the healthy ones.

im thinking about fudge… mmm fudge… swwweeet (not sweat) can somebody buy me some and have it send next day secure to me plz? :slight_smile:


Jelly Beans. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

jelly belly are the best… but a rip off, £1 ($1) for like a pack of 10 :eek:. once bought me a big bag for £10 ($20)… mmmm… it was worth it…

candys are so healthy…

Yorkies, cos they ain’t for girls :p:p
They did do a girls special one in a pink wrap :smiley:

is pizza candy ? :confused:

Pizza is breakfast
Pizza is dinner
Pizza is supper
Pizza is a midnight snack

So yes, pizza is candy



some people took them to court for sexism ;), yorkies are made in slough

Alrighty, next time I go to my market, I’m buying some Yorkies bars, and a Flake bar.

Aero = Yum
Toffee Crisp = Yum

WTF are yorkies?

yorkies are solid chunky chocolate bars…originally advetised with burly truck drivers eating them :Z
Then we girlies (not me personaly) complained and they bought out a pink wrappered one before they got sued for sexisum