Favicon broken



The link to favicon.ico for the main page points to https://www.cdfreaks.com/favicon.ico
A https-Server doesn’t seem to be running, however.

When I tried the link manually for the http-server I noticed, that the server doesn’t send the content-type image/x-icon for the favicon.ico. Opera needs that to display the icon, so you should probably fix that in the webserver config (mime-types).


Does anybody who can fix the bugs even read this forum? I mean: this should be easy to fix and Opera complains with a messagebox about it, which is quite annoying.
I would have expected at least a short reply, that you have read the post and what you plan to do about it.
If you don’t read this forum and act on reported bugs, why have it at all?


We do read but things like this are on very very low priority. We only have limited time for server maintaince because the guys who maintain our server have only a little time and the time is most of the time occupied with fixing high priority issues (like downtime).

I’m sorry about not responding earlier, I probably read it and forgot to respond.


Not that’s it that important, but all they have to do is edit out the s in the html code. It’s http; not https. It should work fine then.


Good one Blackwolf and fixed. I read over the first lines. Sorry about that. The content type etc. will not likely be fixed before 2010. It would have been different if we would have a techie that loves to manages our server and do things like this :wink:


The “techie” has just fixed the content-type for .ico - although we do not have 2010 yet :bigsmile: