Fave LAN Games?

which ones do you like?


Quake III Arena


Q3, Ages of empires (I used to play that one a lot when my second system was a P1), Need for speed 3

Day of Defeat
Warcraft III
And any other game with MP.

Yuck for CS.

Originally posted by Airhead
Yuck for CS.

CS is great. :slight_smile: (or the CS i used to play anyway the new one I tried to play the other day (1.5) is not as good)

Lan games i play/played on a LAN alot are Half-Life, Counterstrike, Unreal, an Q3, and Alpha Centauri a little.

operation flashpoint
global operations

CS was good before 1.0. After that it stinks.

GTA. That was a great game. I am not referring to gta 3 but to the original. Ahh, brings back so many memories of computer class…

Jedi Knight II is cool on LAN too, lightsaber duel especially :slight_smile:

Can’t believe no-one mentioned UT - not that I like it.

I like CS, Quake3 the most probbaly.

I went to a lan where we played Action Half Life which wasn’t too bad.

I like deleting my friend’s files because he left his drive open for editing by anyone on the LAN. That’s the most fun game. Yeah, he was pissed that he couldn’t play Tribes 2 or Warcraft III that day…But, whatever. I thought it was funny still. That’s the best game in the world: Deleting files from friend’s hard drives. :slight_smile:


Was he still your friend after you deleted the files off his hard drive?


I am now playing Quake 2 over LAN. We set it up in school and are now playing it during class. Beats sleeping in class any day!

Unreal Tournament 2003 and the original UT.

UT überalles

SOF 2 key banned grrrr…
RTCW sometimes