Fav nation for food?

What do you like?

Italian and Greek. :slight_smile:

Hey, why have you not included Italian in the list? :slight_smile:
But I also like American, Chinese and Japanese…

Geno’s not gonna like that :disagree:

Chinese, yes! Knew I forgot one. Good job I never voted yet :wink:

Can’t beat some good ol’ English grub either :smiley:

Good thing I have certain powers. Mwah Mwah Mwaaaaah

I voted Italian :bigsmile:


Oh, and I also like Mexican, but that’s still lacking :slight_smile:

wow USA only fast food. I only eat fast food once every 2 weeks or so.

So do I, but it’s your poll so you do the work :bigsmile:

I’d ask you to add Greek as well, but as I already voted there’s no point. Of course I could just add one vote, like I’m gonna do for Italian now :wink:

Edit: LOL! I added a vote for Italian, but my name obviously doesn’t appear in the voters! Sweeeeeet! :bigsmile:

yeah i’m going to have to go with “other”

Italianfrenchscandinavianfastfood. Maybe with a touch of thailand.

Who Has Made a Better Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding.


Argh, add me to Italian and Mexican :slight_smile:

For me it has to be ItalianIndianJapaneseMexicanThaiSpanishCaribbeanFrench
I just like food really :bigsmile:

(Not Chinese food though :eek: )

I’m going to stick up for American food though, it’s not all fast food at all - it’s just the world perception. Traditional Southern cooking is amazing :iagree:

I wonder why :stuck_out_tongue:

Love food from a lot of different cultures.

:cool: :cool:

Italian food and wine is the best…
Greek men are the best !!


I voted for all - both for their food [I]and[/I] their women-eh!! :iagree:

if your ever this way…come on over …i’ll fix ya some real cornbread with turnip greens…and purple hull peas …and SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEt tea

Sounds great (except for the sweet tea… Can I have the tea unsweet?)
:flower: :bigsmile: