Fav Movie?

Baked Beans anyone…? …yeahah! :wink:

Bwahahahahahaha :bigsmile:

Ahem back on topic…

I dunno…

The Exorcist (uncut)
I Spit On Your Grave
The Birds
Life Of Brian (damn good to see those last 2 got a mention elsewhere :iagree: )

No chick flicks for me…blech :bigsmile:

the thing
the hills ave eyes
underworld 1&2

My neighbour’s just lent me Underworld…haven’t gotten round to watching it yet!

And I can’t believe I forgot “The Thing”…classic Carpenter!

The Star Wars Trilogy

The movies that revolutionize the movie industry.

:cool: :cool:

With you on most of them Arachne. The original uncut Deliverance was a hell of a movie, frightened the crap out of me. Would hate to get lost down the deep South. I think I would wear a chastity belt on my bum!!

LOL…bwhahaahaaaaa! :bigsmile: And I’d think that any bloke would hate the term… “Git down there and squeal like a hog!!! EEEEP! EEEEEP!”

Brrr…the thought of it…yuck!

ROTFLMAO :bigsmile:

I’ll have to see if I can find the uncut version of Deliverance. I’m 99% sure the version that I have has been cut to hell.