Fav Movie?

I’m obsessed with Donnie Darko. I also really liked Man on Fire, but my roommate said that can’t be my favorite movie because it’s not even a year old!! Is that true, does a movie have to be out a certain amount of time before it can become a favorite? Or do you have to see it a certain number of times before you can consider it a fav?

i thought it would be because of sinatra and dean martin.

american beauty, super troopers and boondock saints. no order.

Dracula 1992, by Francis F. Coppola

My best movie by far. Awsome directing and the sound effect are just blood-chilling.

I’ve learned every line of it by heart (man, I’m a geek). Of course I’m not a geek, I’ve only seen the movie 20 times. :slight_smile:

History of the World Part 1. Still waiting for Part 2. :slight_smile:

And Now For Something Completly Different, Quest For The Holy Grail, Life Of Brain, Meaning Of Life

Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Donnie Darko, Goodfellas, Boondock Saints, Breakfast Club and the Star Wars saga. Too hard to pick one

My favourite movies:
Pulp Fiction
Gone in 60 seconds
Deuce Bigalow 1 + 2
Lord of the rings

The one and only, PULP FICTION,

oh and my fav comedy - BLAZIN’ SADDLES

Why wouldn’t The Girl Next Door be eligable, if you ever watched it I’m sure you would change your mind and not just because it has the hottest chic in it, but because it is actually a very good movie. I believe how the previews and everything were done, it was made out just to be like one of those teens movies when it was clearly much more.

Terminator 2

Blade Runner. :iagree: :bow:


Highlander, what an incredible soundtrack !!!

The Star Wars saga & all James Bond films

:cop: Hi

Of the more recent movies ,Crash and four brothers have got to the best.


Too many to list…gee, let me think…hmmm!
1/ To Kill A Mockingbird
2/ Inherit the Wind
3/ The Day The Earth Stood Still
4/ The Thief of Bagdad(sic-producer’s spelling)
5/ Ben Hur
6/ True Grit
8/ Star Trek…TMP
9/ Recent film…Goodnight & Goodluck

What about this one; The Guns of Navarone

Yeah, pretty good. Loved the Dimitri Tiomkin soundtrack, too.
What about “Patton”?

For comedies it’s gotta be - Blazing Saddles -

Not complaining about all these modern movies but what is wrong with:

Birth of a Nation or even All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) ?

Or the first film to receive an Oscar in the category best film: ‘Wings’ (1927)