FAV and firewall alert

I got the following alert from my firewall:


DVD Region-Free Application is trying to monitor your system to observe what events are occurring. ZoneAlarm Pro is asking you whether to allow this behavior. Your computer is safe.

What should I do?

If DVD Region-Free Application needs to monitor your system to observe what events are occurring and you trust this program, then give it permission. If you do not trust this program or the program does not need to monitor your system then deny it. If you are unsure, you can always deny access and run the program again, if it is required.


DVD Region-Free Application is potentially malicious. It may be attempting to monitor your system to observe what events are occurring to retrieve information about you or your system.UNQUOTE

I did not give permission to DVD Region-Free and I got a windows alert stating that Windows could not access the program. Nevertheless, DVD Region-Free worked and allowed me to copy two DVDs. When I tried to watch them, both of them froze shortly before the end. I mean that I was able to watch up to 85% of each DVD before they froze.

I have posted a concern regarding DVDFab and the Internet previously and it turned out that DVDFab generated a log and sent it somewhere via Internet, without one’s knowledge. Some postings stated that it was not malicious and suggested to cut DVDFab out from any Internet connection. They even showed the website where these logs ended and the stats it collected. They said that FAV software benignly did it only to improve itself. Needless to say that they did not explain why FAV software did not alert its customers about this procedure.

Now, it appears that FAV software needs to monitor one’s system to observe what events are occurring, as per ZoneAlarm Pro detection. I honestly do not recall to have received such an alert from any of my installed programs, and I can assure you that I have many of them in my computer. What ZoneAlarm usually alerts is that a given program is trying to access the Internet or that it is trying to access certain other programs, but this is the first time that I see a program trying to monitor my system.

If there is any coherent explanation about FAV software behavior, I would appreciate and welcome your input. Otherwise, please be aware and careful. Thanks.


Fab does not monitor your computer, my guess is that you have DVD Region-Free set to check for updates. Express, Gold, and Platinum use to send burn logs to VSO, but DVD Region-Free does not have a VSO burning engine so there is nothing to send. This was to help keep the burning SW updated. The only fengtao products that may have had a virus was those who went to a site that was selling illegal keys and that was because the whole site was infected. The reason I know there were warnings on another site warning people to not try to go to that site because it was infected.


No Sir, I used the Fav website to download the software and I paid my fee to Element5 Inc., located at 9625 W 76th Street, Suite 150, Eden Prairie, MN. Then emailed me a fancy invoice with my order number and a sequential invoice number starting with “S”. The invoice states that Fengtao Software is located in Beijing, China.

They also sent me the key to register the software.

It appears to me that the key they emailed me was good, unless of course, Element5 is the website that you mention to sell illegal keys, infected with viruses.

For your information, in addition to Zone Alarm I also use Norton antivirus and it has not reported any infection in my computer so far.

If anyone reading this posting uses Zone Alarm Pro, I would appreciate it if he or she shares his or her experience. Thanks.


Last night I had a firewall warning about dvdfab express trying to access the Internet, one was a shopping site and the other was a google site - both were refused access.


Element 5 is the right pay processer. Did you make sure that check for newer versions was not clicked? That is only reason for DVD Region-Free to access the Internet. I don’t run DVD Region-Free, but have DVDIdle Pro which has the same features. I don’t use it because I like the way Platinum works. I have used Panda Security Suite and now use Vcom System Suite 6. I did have to chose between System Suite’s firewall or Windows firewall because they would conflict if run together. I also have a hard firewall. I was considering Zone Alarm bur came accross System Suite 6 at Amazon, which was free after 2 rebates. I also bought several copies of Panda Platinum OEM versions because I sell a computer sometimes and have less trouble if I install a security program instead of relying on the purchaser to do it. I would recommend checking to see if it is set to check for newer versions, then if that is not the problem PM or email fengtao@dvdidle.com.