Faulty TY Genuine discs?

I bought 2 boxes of TY dvd-r last year and have only just got around to the second box ,top disc appeared to burn (iso) but would not boot and cannot be read .the survace of the disk is clean (no scratches or blemishes ,but there seems to be a blemish on one of the layers beneath I would say in the dye layer it starts at one of the edges at the centre ring and deminishes as it works its way towards the outer of the disk .
I tried another disk and the same problem ,same blemish .
tried a different make disk , tdk and that worked perfectly .
I looked through the disks and the blemish is in 31 out of 50 disks. I cannot remember where I bought them (online somewhere) but they were confirmed as genuine (TYs) by the members here at the time based on serial numbers .
what should I do (contact TY) direct maybe?

It sounds like you may have discs with bad bonding - i.e. the glue that is holding the layers together is coming apart starting from the inner edge.

Could you post a picture that shows the problem?

Your original post is here:

I will try to take a picture in a short while ,it looks as if the dye has run , like if you were to paint the disk and hold it up on edge (the color would run) .

here we go ,ignoring the pink flare ,at the top about twelve o clock are two greyish blue lines ,darker near the centre ,and almost dissapearing at the top (edge ,between the lines is lighter and just outside either ,there is a blue/grey cone of the same color at the innner edge, at about the two o clock position is the same phenomenon, only less clear .this appears on 31 out of 50 disks ,and the 2 or 3 I have tried to burn have been faulty (cannot read)