Faulty ritek G04 need ergent advice

Hi, I am a big user of DVD-r media as I sell alot of movies to loads of people in the uk.

no need to tell me I no I am a naught boy.

any way I emailed and asked the company that I buy a lot of dvd media off if they could recomend to me the best Quality dvd-r printable disk.

I was told ritek printable G04

so I bought 20 packs of the 25 disks >> over the last few days I have had people emailing me saying that the disks I have sent them wont load on there dvd player.

I have just opened another pack of these disks and I burnt 15 disks, which and after testing them on all 3 of my dvd players in my home none of the disks will read. >>> "bad disk " >>> “disk error”

I cant see it beeing a hardware problem with my burner as most of these ritek G04 disks that I have burnt off playback no problems on my DVD player, and customers have reported back with “no problems”

The burner I have is SONY DRU 700A, and I have the up 2 date firmware.

I received a mailing list email today from the company I buy the dvd media from with a heading off

“what has happend to the Quality of ritek G04 Media”

in short words the email sent to me whent in 2 detail that Ritek have been using a much cheaper dye in there G04 media

and that they have had loads of complaints from customers etc.

a few hours later and I checked there site and they have removed the dvd media they recomended to me.

any way my main 2 ???s are this.

1> should be held responsible for paying the costs for returning around 17 packs of these ritek disks ???

2> can you recomend to me the best or 1 of the best DVD media which has a printable surface ???

thanks for help guys !!

RiTEK media is highly variable even within the same spindle, id try some different spindles, btw i’d edit your post or else admin will probably ban you.

No there isn’t but I am going to tell you that there is no way that we will help you here with your illegal business activities. :cop: