Faulty playback of commercial DVD on some players

This issue is with playing some dual layer commercial DVD’s. At the change of layer, the following players start skipping/displaying an error message. With the latest DVD, about 10 minutes of the movie is lost before play resumes.

Players that fail:
Sony RDR-HX910 DVD recorder; Sony Vaio VGN-A29GP laptop using Showtime player; Philips MCD196 Mini home entertainment centre; Sony SLV-D940P VHS recorder/DVD player; iMac 24 (new 2007) with iTunes and latest op system

Players that work:
Compaq 6910P laptop (Windows Media Player 11); comparable Compaq desktop PC with same software.
As you can see, the failed players are dominated by Sony - Any significance?

I apologise for not listing all my hardware as yet, some not on your lists, but main reason is frustration with this problem.
Appreciate any help offered.

Just to clarify your problem…you are having problems playing the original, commercially made dvds on these players/computers?

Or are you having failures playing back copies of these commercially made movies that you have burned to double layer disks?

Hi Kerry,
These are new, unused commercial DVD’s, and only 2 movies out of a collection of about 200 to date - hence the frustration.

First off how old is your sony player and have you cleaned the laser lens before??? Sounds like it could be just a faulty player or needs cleaning.

The Sony HX910 is about 2 years old, as is the iMac. Neither have had lens cleaned - recommended method? Have used those cleaning discs with small brushes on them for CD players. What do you use for DVD lasers?

Really appreciate the help, folks.

The recommended method for cleaning is to use cotton swabs and a small amount of alcohol, but this can be difficult to impossible without some disassembly of the player/drive.

It may just be that you have a couple of slightly defective disks straight from the factory. It is a rare problem, but not unknown. DVD drives and players vary in their reading ability as you have discovered.

Thanks Kerry, Both movie discs are the second copies I have got from the suppliers - when both copies of each gave the same result I had given up, but this time really wanted to sort it. But if it is more than just a clean, which I will do, guess I just crank up back-up equipment to watch them!

Again, thanks for the help. I’ll come back and provide more info about myself, and make use of the site in future as a result