Faulty Philips DVD8701

Hello, I have a DELLXPS600 with a certain Philps/Ben-Q 8701 DVD/RW+ Drive.

About an year ago I flashed the drive with and wrong firmware, and now the drive is completely dead, no lights are blinking nor is the drive recognised by windows or the BIOS, not suprised. However after looking around the internet I heard there are many people who have sucessfully reflashed their faulty Drives with the correct firmware. I managed to get hold of the correct firmware, it is an .CVT file, however I need help in how to reflash it. there drive can only be connected throuhg IDE cables.

I need a way to force flash the firmware (.CVT file) on to the drive location on the IDE Secondary Master Port. Please help

There is a major difference between drives flashed with the wrong firmware being dead afterwards and drives stopping to respond in any ways without touching them. Disconnect the IDE cable and try a different power cord. If the drive is still dead there is nothing you can do to recover the drive.

So basically sometime drive flashed with the wrong firmware can make the drive stop responding but it still recieves power. But sometimes it can literally kill the drive and somehow stop power going to it

If you flashed the drive with the wrong firmware a year ago, it would have been dead a year ago. Why are you just now posting? If you flashed the drive and it’s been working for a year, then it wasn’t the wrong firmware in the first place.

And to remove some of the mystery, what firmware did you flash it with a year ago?

I flashed it a year ago with the firmware for the Philips DVD8801 (just 100 up). It killed the drive and I had to buy a new one. I saw somewhere on the internet that people had recovered a mis flashed drive by force flashing. Just sending data down the channel - IDE Slave Master into whatever is on the other end. That is why I asking now. I tried MKTFlash but it only accept .bin binary firmware not Philips .CVT firmware

The drive is dead. There is no such thing as force flashing a Nexperia BenQ. That only works with MediaTek BenQ drives, which are really Lite-Ons.