Faulty CD - Copiable?


I have a rather old Age of Mythology Disk 1. On my recent clean out i discovered it had been thrown down the side of the TV, where an load of dust gathers.

Anyways, i thought ‘Oh shit better back this up’ as the cd was looking pretty close to destroyed.

Alcohol 120% - SafeDisc 2/3 profile, half way through the disk it starts giving me serious read errors (no not the safedisc errors).

Any thoughts?

Hey Merther,

The only thing I can think of with even a slight chance, is try some different readers. If others get the same errors, which they probably will, I don’t know what else you can really do. Make sure the original is clean, even if it looks clean, clean it again make sure. If the original is bad, your copy will almost certainly be bad.

I guess you could try maybe super slow read speeds, with combinations of some different settings, in different softwares.
Just for example like in CloneCD, you could change the “error read retries” setting, or the “hardware or software” error correction settings. You’d be lucky as hell though, if you made a good backup of an original that doesn’t work at all.

Does your original still work though? You didn’t say. It’ll probably come down to- If the original works, the copy will work. If the original doesn’t work, the copy also won’t. I have a game like the first scenario, my Half-Life CD. It has a nasty little knick mark on it, BUT the original still works fine, installs and plays perfectly.

So of course when I read the original to back it up, or ran a CD quality check on it, theres a major error when it hits that spot of the disc. But my backup copy, like the original, works just fine. :slight_smile: Gotta have my cstrike fix! lol Good luck man! :slight_smile: You could probably pick up that game real cheap now somewhere, if you can find it. That is, if your original is screwed I mean.

Hmmm…try to read through the errors and see if it makes a good image.

It takes ages…i let it go through half hour…i just gave up.
Thanks for the advice, ill let it run through the night and post results.

Personally when I am faced with this situation (last time was a 2nd hand copy of Tropico “Codelok”) I found it best to buff the CD first to remove the scratches. I personally use “Silvo” (An abrasive silver polish) and a soft cloth.
Proceed with caution and all should go well. I have “repaired” CD’s, DVD’s Audio CD’s and PS2 DVD’s using this method.


I have bad memories about this…my mates porno dvd was ruined by doing that!

I used CloneCD, made a image with the usual SafeDisc error crap, but no physical errors.

Im going to try it later.