Faulty 5005 0.98 hacked firmware

I have a 5005 (sep04) with hacked firmware, macrovision and 3hr record. It will not recognise any DVD discs (original occasionally are recognised but will not play properly - just intermittent frames)

As it is under warrenty I contacted Liteon who suggested upgraded firmware (version 101 ?) I am reluctant to do this and lose the macrovision hack.

The other option is to send it back - will they just upgrade the firmware anyway to the latest version - In which case I will lose the hack.

What is the best way to return the box to ‘normal’ before sending it back - from the setup menu ?

Many thanks for your help.


Welcome to CD Freaks Mike :wink:

Just to rule out a dusty laser lens, I would strongly recommend running a wet/dry lens cleaning disc in it. Before you do so, see this DVD Recorder FAQ’s announcement for important tips on choosing a wet/dry cleaning disc and cleaning fluid.

If the drive still acts up after the cleaning process and you have no other choice but to return it, I would stronlgy recommend loading the official 0.98 firmware if you have this handy. Many manufacturers will automatically void any remaining warranty or simply blame the use of unauthorised firmware if they discover modified firmware loaded on the device.

Please note that there is a good chance Lite-On will put the latest firmware on it to start with before they even remove a screw. For example, there have been many faulty products I have returned under warranty (CD MP3 player, 2x mobile phones and various other electronic items), which all came back repaired with updated firmware. There may even be a chance that they will simply issue a new replacement, in which case it would automatically come with the latest firmware.

I recommend trying latest firmware from LiteOn site. I read another post where the user had a problem with 16x media, flashed latest firmware and then back flashed with hacked firmware to regain Macrovision removal. Result was 16x media problem fixed plus Macrovision/Region free advantage. I did this on my 5005 too even though I’ve not yet tried 16x media, but I wanted to be ready when I do. Bottom line is whether you or LiteOn flashes latest formware you should be able to back flash to hacked version.

many thanks.

I will try the latest firmware.

If that doesn’t work I’ll msend it back.

I’ll report back.


How much will it cost to send the unit to LiteOn? There’s 1 other option I’d consider at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=125214 on changing the burner for the 5005. NewEgg has LiteOn and other burners successfully used by others at this link, and price is under $40 for most. Another advantage is replacement drives may already have bit setting or may be flashed with firmware mod to achieve that ability. You may or may not need bit setting, but it’s important to me because I have a Toshiba DVD player that will play no 5005 created DVD recordings regardless of media unless I burn copy with +R media with booktype set to DVD-ROM on the PC which then play without fail.

LiteOn are repairing it free under warranty. They are sending DHL to pick it up tomorrow. They say I will get it back in 7-10 days. I’ll let you know. The latest firmware (101 - I think) had no effect on the problems.

Got the unit back last friday - they say they have replace the drive. Seems to be working fine. I have downgraded the firmware back to the .98 and have the 3 hr record have not had chance to test the macrovision. From this experience its worth sending faulty units back if they are under warranty (2 years) as service was pretty good. The only hassle was finding the original proof of purchase.

Thanks for your help.