Faulting module bcgcbpro730

I have used Nero Burning ROM 7 for a long time without problems, until today when Nero wouldn’t start. Instead appears a failure notice:

nero.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
and from event viewer a little more info:

Faulting application nero.exe, version, faulting module bcgcbpro730.dll, version, fault address 0x0011d51b.

I haven’t installed anything new lately. Nero Express seems to work.
This BCGsoft appears to be a 3rd party product.

Any ideas how to repair?

That file is part of Nero, but it is not the version in the latest Nero 7, which is The version of that file is 8.0 in that version. Try uninstalling and reinstalling Nero.

Thanks for your reply. Isn’t it weird that Nero Express functions normally and Nero burning ROM 7 fails??? It means bcgcbpro730 doesn’t have much to do with burning process.
Isn’t there any Nero light version without all these multimedia extras???
Is there any other as reliable Burning application as Nero has been?
(Or even better?)
I appreciate Nero’s support for foreign characters in file names and support of multiple DVD formats, including UDF for file size bigger the 2Gb.
I don’t need any of these multimedia extras. (read: haven’t found any of these good enough).
It seems to be a problem with some of these multimedia extras.