Fault regarding after an Black Berry OS update with Application program and BB Contacts

Hi Blackberry,

There is a problem for the average user who is not tech savy and I thought this idea could help your company. The problem lies after loading an update for the blackberry OS it wipes your Blackberry clean and after you need to sync, it only copies your contact over but does not copy the contacts in the bb messenger, which is a problem if you did not note down the person pin. Also after purchasing programs from your website, you would have to redownload all your programs back to your BB device using some what tech knowledge because it also does not backup sync your purchased programs. When compared to an Iphone, the iphone if wiped clean syncs your purchased program back to your mobile device. The problem is the time to do all of this, the person is down for quiet some time. When it backs up the program it should also backup all the puchased application and the contacts in the bb messenger, where by if the appilcation is causing a corruption there should be a select option and application verrifier that the program is not corrupt. At least by standard, there should be by default to put back all your programs.

Another note. PDF documents are becoming popular, if not already popular and BB should have a standard program includes as part of the BB OS to read it. I do appriecate the included programs of Word Excel and PowerPoint.

I have been using my camera with a new program that I purchased that allows me to take up to 25 pictures and send it off to one email. This is also usefull and I see the device becoming a data recorder of life in tag teaming with larger micro SD Capacities. Where the IPhone4 is not expandable in storage memory. I would like to comment the standard picture taking program when taking pictures is quiet slow and very difficult to navigate to the folders that the pictures is being taken to. Picture management is poor, so recording data is more difficult. I almost feel like it limits me of taking one slow picture at a time while re navigating back to take another picture.

Regarding your website. Puchasing a program is a little wonky. For puchasing two programs it took me about 30 minutes because after setting up an account I could not use it. I had to close explorer and log back in as the solution. After accepting the purchased Buy icon, it was not smooth. The average user would of gave up. No there is nothing wrong with my PC.

Can you please pass on these suggestion to whomever it may concern because they are good and I love BB

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I am pretty sure, this is [B]not [/B]blackberry’s website.