Fatness solution



We, in the western world, constantly get fatter and fatter. And while I am slim as a pickle myself, I havent given this much thought until recently. How shall we best stop the fatness?
Doctors in England proposed that doors at McDonalds should be limited to 30cm in width to keep fat people out (according to The Sun ;)) and while it is a great idea, I do not think McDonalds would like it.

How many here feel that they should loose some weight?
And are you doing something about it?

Since I am the reverse of fat, I have always thought that “if you’re fat, stop eating!”. But I guess it’s not as simple as that.
So what should we do?
Compulsory excercise? Blow up McDonalds?


I am as slim as a pickle myself, but I think a combination of limiting McDonald’s doors(good one!) and excercising is sensible.

But of course some people are fat because of their metabolism, so they cannot control it.


I’m not that fat (1.81mtr high and 79 kilogram), but I would say bomb McDonalds (the “food” is horrible anyway) and everyone who eats more than he/she suppost to, give them an electric shock (just for our fun :slight_smile: ).


Don’t you think that’s kind of inhumane? Maybe a tad? :wink:


Who needs doors? The drive through is easier anyway! :iagree:
(I love McDonalds, probably eat it once or twice a week… and yes I am ‘chubby’, go figure)


i am chubby myself . so I give Ssseth a big :bow: ( same pinch ) . There is home delivery here ( pizza hut ) so there is no problem of any doors :smiley:


Well I wont forbid you from calling pizza hut, but what about really fat people?
The kind that is reporting sick and cant work?


Doctor’s have fat pills now that actually work.
If the person is dying because they are so fat, then it’s their fault. If I was dying I sure as hell hope I would give a rat’s ass. It you are that overweight it’s a problem and you would have to be blind not to see it. Don’t condemn us part time fatties because of the few huge ass fatties! :stuck_out_tongue:


Blow up mac’s has got to be the best idea so far not because of over wait people but because the food is just s–t and all way has been


Hehe well said. Oooh quotebutton! :cool:


i’m kinda plump (1.70m x 66kg), and the best thing i do about it is to eat as little as i can… that doesn’t mean i swallow a salad for dinner, that only means that i won’t eat anything but apples between meals.
i also try my best to go outside riding my bike and stuff…


hmm, I am a bit overweight, but not obesive (is that the word?). And i’m pretty proud of myself because I already lost 20 kg :bigsmile:


It’s not that people are FORCED to eat at McDonalds, it’s their laziness that’s make them come there in the first place. (Or are you actually one of those who like the food ?). If you’re fat you either have a disease or it’s your own fault. I’m fat and it’s not because of McDonalds.


When i started Med School i was 76kg and 185cm height. I am now almost finished and what i have to show up for it (appart from all this unnessecary staff i have studied) is 30kg more shy

I already started being on a diet and some medication, hopefully i will lose what i dont need by the time i get the diploma.


Stop eating… :slight_smile:


Eat more pickles… (nothing personal to ssseth)


People also get fat from eating chips…
Where do they sell those, supermarket, gasstation etc…lets blow them up too. :confused:
Oke I need some explosives that can you can wear under a coat and some idiots that you tell they will go to heaven and have 20 virgins, who will blow them selves up. -Dailing- “Hello Middle East…!!” :rolleyes:


Yup! I LOVE MCDonalds… drools

Indeed! Here is a person of high regard!!! :bow:


I refuse to eat maccas. It makes me want to vomit. Well, my stomach anyway. And it’s such a hassle trying to get my hands to actually lift, or my mouth to open and swallow without hurling, something which smells like old mouldy boots and tastes so much worse :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a tad over 6"1" tall and about 96kgs.

I’ve taken out health insurance which almost totally redeems my cash back when I pay the monthly gym fees :wink: Lololololol.

That said, I have no trouble passing thru thin doors, but suspect I’ll have terrible trouble passing thru the doors to maccas :stuck_out_tongue:


I enjoy Maccas but I hate the pimply teenagers that work behind it(no offence!). You see them, behind the drinks machine, doing all sorts of disgusting stuff to my food. But I try not to think about it when i’m taking a bite of my Quarter Pounder;)

Ewww! There’s a hair in my burger.