Father of the PlayStation demoted at Sony

I just posted the article Father of the PlayStation demoted at Sony.

Ken Kutaragi, seemed to be in line for the top spot at Sony. The troubled company is looking for new leadership, so you would figure a guy that had enough going on upstairs to dream…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10092-Father-of-the-PlayStation-demoted-at-Sony.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10092-Father-of-the-PlayStation-demoted-at-Sony.html)

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Is that a psp he’s holding in his hand? Does that mean he came up with that device as well and the other playstation versions? If so that would blow. I would leave the company, unless they were paying me more that is. Maybe it’s time he take up gold full time, he could be some kind of consultant for other companies, make the big $

*take up golf

Oh Gee…surprise surprise…another big corporation rewarding an employee for loyalty and innovative thinking. A word of advice ken…jump ship…:X

Ken, Join us here at CDFreaks and help us defeat the copy protection schemes of the PSX and PS2 and we could rule the galaxy as Father and S … errr, I mean we could teach Sony a lesson. :S:d:X

Come up with the PSP??? Stop brinking koolait! He’s just the top guy who signs the papers to approve or dissapprove of projects, he has absolutely no real technical or marketing insight!!! Edited political comment.
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Move to Nintendo!

A modern hero. bows

Stop selling junk products and this would not happen. :r

Stop selling junk products? That would wipe out most of Sony’s audio product lineup, including their portables.