Fate? Yes or no? I dont personally I dont be believe in it.



Nope. Cause then imagine knowing that your life has been pre-set out for you! Imagine knowing that everything you do and have done have been preset. So, if you don’t believe in “fate”, then how can it get in the way of anything.

If that made sense. :stuck_out_tongue:




yep… Or maybe it should be called, well timed coincidence…


or preperation meeting oppurtunity…:slight_smile:


In some aspect yes, but not so much I rely on it.


Well iv got two things to say… I cant spell to save my life! And Mr airhead did someone edit my poll? :bigsmile:



Cheese sandwiches everywhere demands justice!


Personally no, however I wont be closed minded about it. It is fine to belive it, but it is a dangerous thing to beleve if you take the “I may as well not try, my fate is pre-defined, I cant change my future” attitude.

Ben :slight_smile:


I believe in fate…yes i do…so what does that make me a fairy? i don’t care…


Yes, IMO there is such a phenomenon like FATE. Or you may call it the BIG BOOK.


I believe in fate too.
Upto a point anyway.


How can it be upto a point?, I would have thought it was either belive or not belive.

Ben :slight_smile:


life is what you make of it and consequently there is no such thing as fate IMHO.


It depends if you beleve in free will, with fate you can not have free will.

Ben :slight_smile:


and we all know how many books have been written about a world without free will.


Yes, and I beleve humans have free will, if not, can you blame anybody for anything they do?

Ben :slight_smile:


i swear i didn’t eat that cheese sandwich! it was fate!


No for me


cheese sandwich for me…!