Fatal kprobe results

I own a Liteon LDW-811s (bought end of december 03).
FW-Version is the newest available (HSOP), I use the programm ImgTool Burn for dvd-buring.
The DVD+R I use is Ritek 8x (A-Certified).
The speed I read the DVD is just 1x, but still the result is very bad:

I do not know to fix this problem.

thank you

2 questions:

  1. will they play in a standalone player?
  2. try scanning at max and post the result once just to see if it makes any difference.

sometimes +r media will read very bad with kprobe when tested at static speeds but results improve greatly when checked at max speedinstead of fixed speed.

ps i cannot upload files so i cannot post examples for you. looking at just one i have : @4x pi 307/po 6 @max PI 54/PO 4…

with max. setting the result is even worse…

it cannot be the media’s fault, those results are typical for everything I’ve scanned.

your result with constant 4x-speed is so bad, because at max the drive starts with 2,6speed, so 4x is too fast for the beginning of the dvd.

excuse for my english, I am from Germany.

I’ve got similar results, with BeAll +r -media (also supposed to work great in an 811S)

just take a look at m’n kprobe-scans in my thread:

I do not know how got beall rs are but ricoh a-grade must be good quality discs.

on an nec2500a I had pi 80max.

another beautiful scan…

got the answer to the 2nd question but how about the first?

1) will they play in a standalone player?

that is the most important ? i have found. personally i think ricoh discs (which i have 225 blanks right now) suck. they do not do very well in my 811s at the speed changes from 4-6 and 6-8x they spike pi/po and in my players (apex 1200,1500, pana rv32) will pause at the spikes. they do continue but it pisses me off. recording them at 4x scans marginally better and does for the most part remove the spikes but… i need speed.

i have princo 1x that burn @ 2x in my 811 and will play even tho they kprobe at over 1000 PI max. it is all in how good a player you have.

I have the teac fw and eeprom on my burner.

scanned with 1x the results are ok:

but with max they are horrible:

how can this huge difference be explained???

Originally posted by dgdmaster
…how can this huge difference be explained???

It´s a general rule @ this board to perform Kprobe scanning @ 4X speed, PI/PO 8X ECC. :wink:

Read here how to interpret Kprobe scans.

This topic has been discussed as long as I can remember…:cool:

BTW, I fully agree with cnlson:
…will they play in a standalone player?


To my mind the 811s is one of the worst 8x burners.
All media (including the one shipped with the burner) are of bad quality (according to kprobe) AND dont work in my standalone dvd-player.
I’m gonna return it to my vendor! :frowning:

Maybe I should consider Benq DW800A, it has got excellent reviews. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t bash the burner because u give it poor discs and get poor results. After all, the lite on engineers are technicians not magicians.
before u go slagging off the burner and ricoh, understand that not all ricohs were created equal. Why do u think that, for example, if u go to blank disc shop, u can find 12 different listings of discs with the same media code but radically different prices ? different quality control. I bought some cheap cy’que ricohs and was surprised when it wouldn’t play in my laptop’s toshiba rom drive. Bought some datasafes (still cheaper than TYs) and everything is perfect.
for even more peace of mind, remember that since it only takes decent discs, u don’t need to worry about data integrity later on. Also, check here to see what types of discs ur standalone is likely to accept. if u want to skip that, just bitset some good quality +Rs:iagree:

I agree. The LiteOn drives may not be the king of DVD-write quality, but they are great at other things, like reading, CD copy protection, recovering damage discs, CD-writing, and tweakability. This comes at the cost of not being able to use cheap media, but that’s fine with me. Most of my discs burnt are data backup discs that I want to have last for years to come, and back when I used CD-Rs, even though newer drives all burn just fine on crap media like LeadData, I still tried to avoid them if possible because I wanted media longevity–what’s the use of low error levels now if the chemical dye isn’t properly stabilized and will decay faster? I mean, I’m not one of those people who went off and grabbed premium brands (I got TY CD-Rs only when Fuji discs had a big rebate sale–otherwise, I generally got Riteks), and when it comes to DVD media, I’m not one to go off dumping tons of money into expensive TY and or MCC/Verbatim media. But good media is not expensive. If you look for the right prices, good media is often priced at around $1 USD per disc…

I also agree about quality control. I read somewhere that the manufacturers sort out the discs that they make. The highest quality discs are sold to the OEMs, like Fuji, who rebrand the discs as their own. And then the next level of quality gets sold as “Grade A” and the next as “Grade B.” And although this is just one data point, I found my Fuji RICOHJPNR01s (which, BTW, I got at only $1/disc) to burn VERY nicely while some RICOHJPNR01s that my friend has that were sold directly under the Ritek label didn’t burn as well.

Originally posted by dgdmaster
[B]I have the teac fw and eeprom on my burner.

scanned with 1x the results are ok:

how can this huge difference be explained??? [/B]

Wie im deutschen Board schon paarmal gesagt: Deine Scans @1x haben keienrlei Vergleichskraft, da hier die Fehlercorrection weitaus besser ist. Vermutlich bekommstr du mit 1x und LiteOn Firmware die gleichen “guten” Ergebnisse.

As said in the german board twice: plz scan at 4x or 0x/max. At lower speeds u cant compare the scans, because of the better error correction. I guess u get the same “good” 1x scans with the LiteOn Firmware.

crockett aus deutschland?