Fatal errors on copied DVD

Hi all,

I am having major problems with copied DVDs. During playback on a standard Panasonic DVD player, the picture freezes now and again. Eventually the picture will totally freeze and the movie will stop playing and become unviewable.

I don’t know where I am going wrong. Originally, I thought it may be down to the scratches on the surface of the original DVD but when I tried to copy a DVD where the original was pretty much scratch free, the same result eventaully occurred.

I am using DVD Shrink 3.1 / Nero 6 and my DVD writer is Sony DWU-18A. The DVDs are Ritek G04 (purple dye)

Please help !! :confused:

maybe you should try other type of media (other manufacturer) and burn at slow speed… not max…
had a similar problem some time ago with a sony dvd-burner and cheap media - not correctly playable on sony standalone dvd player but on pc (toshiba dvd-rom) worked fine…