Fat32 or NTFS

I am setting up a brand new ten-front-bay computer…I can choose to install WinMe, Win2k, or WinXp…I want the computer versatile for games, videos, music, word processing, and all else.

It seems that, with Win95-98-Me discontinued and WinXp the future, all things to come will be in the NTFS system.

What should I use, Fat32 or NTFS
Do I dump WinMe
Can Win2k-Xp play existing games

drop ME
use XP with ntfs

works great and reliable for me

Originally posted by John375
all else.

Given that a little extra security also fits under “all else” choose NTFS.

For most situations, NTFS is better than FAT32 is. However, there is a reason to use both: accessibility.

  1. If you want to use a partition to be accessable from Linux, you’d better stick to FAT32, cause writing on a NTFS partition with Linux is really a pain in the ###.

  2. For important materials, like documents, FAT32 may be the better choice. Why? Imagine your Windows crashes and you have to format… from DOS you can stilll access your harddrive, backup your documents (to disks, CDR(W) or another FAT partition)

There are also enough reasons to use NTFS. One for instance, is the maximum file size (often a problem with FAT32 when used for partitions for video editting!).

And that’s why I use both (besides my ext3 partitions ofcourse ;))