Fat32 gui error message

I am back after weeks and weeks of trying to get homebrew on to my 4.3 i have now foud what was wrog it seem my hard drive was hiding boot.elf file.

i am following directions


Step 8 patitioning and have hit brick wall

i go to fat32 gui file and load go and press start
and getting following error message (failed to open device GetlastError()=32. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

The hard i am using is samsung 2.5 inch portable external hard drive

Can anyone help so near but so far.

This thread should be in the same forum as the Wii hacking thread, so I’m moving it in there.

Your drive has probably been accessed by some program/service and can therefore not be formatted. Make sure no process touches your drive.

Just kill the explorer process under the task manager and you should be able to format it.