Fat32 and a 4GB file

I’m trying to set of rar files that contain a single ISO for a dvd. The ISO is about 4.4GB and everytime I unrar it I get an error saying only NTFS supports files bigger then 4GB.

Is there anyway I can unrar this file on fat32.

If not are there any dangers to creating a partion in NTFS for this file then deleting the partition afterwards. I’ve heard once you convert to NTFS there is really no way to reformat to fat32.


Sounds like pirate DVDs to me. But more to the problem at hand, who the hell still uses FAT32 format?

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who the hell still uses FAT32 format? [/B]
All who still use Win 9x… :Z

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All who still use Win 9x… :Z

but the fact that ntfs file system is not compactiable with DOS version . so there are people who still use fat32 just to be on safe side.

Is there anyway I can unrar this file on fat32.[/B]

Dunno if this will work on fat32, but you can give it a go…

First open the rars in winrar, then see if you are able to open the image (.iso) file within winrar (winrar should launch another window with the files) and then extract the files from the image, that is if there is no file bigger than 4gb, and then burn the content to dvdr with the same file structure and volume name.


If you have the free space available…you can use a program like “partition magic” to create many kinds of partions…including ntfs, without reformatting your whole hard drive.

I have a similar problem, I use 98se which runs native on fat32.

Fat32 indeed has a “hard limit” of 4gig max file size.

Another alternative would be to use a program that splits a zip or rar file into 2 files…there are many out there…you’ll have to watch the shows as a 2 reeler…:slight_smile: