FAT 32 Read/Write Access under NT 4.0



Hi all

Can someone please help me out urgent? I need a prog or driver that allows me to access read/write under HTFS (Win NT 4.0).
Full if possible.



i would really like to know this too.




Try fo find FAT32FULL.ZIP
It works fine and it’s small



do you know where to get it?



I found it on the net. But i will first try it of my own at home. I will then notify you all. About 9 p.m. Dutch time.



hope to hear from you soon


You can find Fat32.exe at Winfiles.com (the utilities section ). It’s shareware, only for reading, the full version can read and write.


that is why i need the full version. i need it to write fat32.


CYBERJAK, i would sure like to know where to get it please.


Hi zombie

you can download it from

ftp://ftp.nstl.nnov.ru/pub/win32/nt_tuning/FAT32 for Win NT4.0/FAT32NT.ZIP

You can find also some updates there.

Can you try it and inform me about your progress? From my point, that prog is not able to rename files. To change some extisting files for example to change the content for example of a word document thats possible.

Cy a


If you want I can sent you this application by email (I think that was more simple to find it using search engine).
The version that I use support the file all the DOS feature under NT (rename also), but it’s not possible to format a partition using FAT32




Yes please can you send it to my email account: cyberjakch@hotmail.com

I would be very grateful to receive this prog. Thanks in advance and hope to hear soon from you.



that would be great.


got it! thanks Berto