FAT 16 Program

I’m looking for a program (freeware) to format a MMC card for my mobile phone that allows you to format it to FAT16, i believe there’s one called disk man, but i can’t find it.

Like Windows itself?

When i formatted the card through windows i only got the choice of FAT or FAT32

Fat --> Fat16

oh, cheers. :o

Yes Bjproc you are correct windows only has FAT and FAT 32 in fact FAT 12 or FAT 16 is sometimes called just FAT by most programmers. One is 12 bits and the other one is 16 bits you can read more about it here

Thanks coathi, The Kingston MMC card is for a mobile phone, and i formatted it in the phone and it worked fine for a few days then the phone started to open folders slow, and lose ringtones, i then tried to reformat the card again but it couldn’t, “format failed”, so i formatted it in windows (FAT32) but it was unreadable, so i formatted it to FAT and then reformatted it in the phone. What i now have discovered it the MMC card should be Dual Voltage, so this may be where my problem comes from.

Ok have you tried looking under tools on the Kingston web site there might be a program to use in windows to Format your memory card to the correct format! Also try looking Here don’t know if it’s any help but maybe there is something you can use.

I’ve looked on kingstons site, i don’t think it’s that good, more for pc memory and .pdf files etc. i’m going into nokia’s service centre today anyway to try and get a firmware upgrade for the phone & i’ll ask about the Kingstone card, weather if it’s dual voltage or not and if it needs to be.

thanks for your help.