Fastrack - Create ISO image using API

I’m new to this forum and to using the Nero API. I’ve briefly looked over the documentation and will probably have to search through it a bit. I need to create an ISO image of files on a hard drive. Can someone give me a procedural overview of the steps required?
I’d like to benefit from experience, if possible.



Perhaps it is best if you inspect the source code of NeroCMD. Generally, you should build a file/folder hierarchy using NERO_ISO_ITEM structures (created by NeroCreateIsoItem) and then call NeroCreateIsoTrackEx to build the actual ISO track. Once you have everything set, you should call NeroBurn using an image recorder’s device handle. Your user dialog callback will eventually receive DLG_FILESEL_IMAGE event. There you have a chance to supply NeroAPI with a destination file name.

Thank you. I appreciate your pointing the direction. Much appreciated.


hey i want to know how to create iso image for a folder please help me