Fastest way to read DVDs?

Dear cdfreaks allover the world, my name is Pantelis and i have a question about the reading speed of the DVDs.

Witch do you think is the fastest way to read a DVD (movie or data) and transfer it to the hard drive?

I have a sony DVD rom drive and i read that it has a 150mb/sec transfer rate others have 85, the best speed tha i had was 6.8x for transfer, is there fastest way how about 16x ?

My burner is LG 4160b and i think it is a bit slower to read than sony dvdrom but it is good for errors.

Use a stop watch to test both drives by ripping a dual layer DVD movie.

Use an AOPEN DVD1648/AAP PRO. :slight_smile:

The benq DW1620 is a DVD ripping monster with the speed patch:

Check out: for some examples of 16x ripping.

I agree… I fitted my PC with the same drive and it has the best ripping speeds I have seen. It’s pretty cheap, came with 3 different front bezels (white, silver, black) and it works like a charm.

It’s also good for other reasing purposes btw (CDROM/DAE etc).

Current record holder is BTC BDV316B with 12.28x.


My AOpen 1648/aap Pro reads at 12.92x max with 9.76x average and a 10.45 minute read time for a 7.75gb pressed disc-



Obviously I posted the average speed.