Fastest way to get 3D video source for your 3D TV, you will not miss it



:flower:Good morning guys. Hereby i will introduce a way to get 3D video for your 3D TV from common 2D Blu-rays or DVDs.

Do you want to enjoy 3D movie at home or on your mobile devices? Here comes a solution for you to convert common 2D DVD/Blu-rays into Side-by-Side 3D video.

Side-by-Side 3D video can be played back on 3D TV, PC with 3D display, or some mobile phones.

Note: TDMore Blu-ray Converter will not handle protected discs unless you have a decrypter as listed.


Great post Johnson.:bow:


[QUOTE=alan1476;2742413]Great post Johnson.:bow:[/QUOTE]

:stuck_out_tongue: i hope this would be helpful. Users may also learn more about side by side 3d in the tips.