Fastest Way to Convert Audio CD to mp3 is?

I would like to convert some audio books on CD to mp3. I can do so in real time by playing each and every CD from start to finish. But can you advise of a faster way, especially a way that wouldn’t require me to spend any more money? Thanks.

Try ripping with Cdex or EAC (Exact Audio Copy). Both are free.

OK, thanks. I never heard of those tools but I’ll look them up.

Roxio does it on the fly too, as well as Gold Wave.

Ditto on EAC…just got updated… :wink:

I used to run CDex most of the time, EAC not so often, but that’s BonkEnc that gets my vote these days…

Never heard of BonkEnc, just dl’d it & will give it a try.

Definitely not the best looking, but it does the job. I mainly use it to encode .m4a files, because I couldn’t get CDex to do it (maybe my mistake, though!).

I have Roxio. I didn’t even know it did that. I think I have Roxio 6. I’ll check it out. Thanks.

I’mTOO Audio Encoder does every format including mp4 and offers choice of sample and bit rates as well as ac3 surround sound.

Isn’t Imtoo a pay program? The others are free. Well i did give the author of EAC a paypal donation :cool:

The quickest even though not the best way is Winamp, with it’s build mp3.dll plug-in. It get the job done even it’s not the best quallity output. The best an easiest program IMHO, is the old CDN’GO Suite, with the use of Radium codec. Even CDN’GO has built-in Lame and some other codecs the quality of those either no good or stuck to 128Kbits/sec/
CDN’GO discontinued, but I am sure u can found it out somewhere. Works perfect under windows XP and older versions of windows, but don’t now about VISTA.
Just put CD in the drive open CDN’GO check the songs you want to convert and send them to the list. The rest is up to the program, extract and convert them in the folder you have specified.
If you can’t find them post here and I upload them for you, or send them via e-mail.