Fastest way to burn a small file?

Hi, I just bought a LiteOn 401s DVD+R/RW burner.

I have never had a burner before. The only media I have right now is some 2.4x DVD+RW discs.

The problem is that it takes 5 minutes to burn even a single small (10 MB) file using Nero 6. This is not what I was expecting. Nero spends 4 1/2 minutes burning “DVD high compatibility borders” then it takes just 5 seconds to burn the file itself.

I dont want to spend 5 minutes to back up a single file. So what is the quickest way to burn a small file to disc? Will other kinds of media burn faster, like CD-RW or plain DVD+R? Is there a way to get nero to skip the high compatibility borders stage and just burn the file immediately, so that my +RW media will be more useful?

Thanks for the advice!

first why are you using a DVD burner to burn 10 mb files? second buy a cd-rw disc for that putpose.
third Enable DMA direct mempry access that is found in the system proterties in devicemanager when you right click on my computer. fourth if you have a slow processor that might slow down the burning process fifth, turn off all background programs you can that are running. try those suggestions. they might help you out.

DMA is on, I have a 2 ghz Athlon, and there is nothing running except nero. I’m using the dvd burner for this purpose because I have no other removable media.

So is cd-rw the only way to go? Is there no way at all to burn anything to a dvd+rw in less than 5 minutes?

How long does it take to burn a small file to cd-rw?

the time to write the lead-in and lead-out on a cd or dvd is always fixed, even if u only write a small file.

for me with my cd-rw burner it takes about 30 seconds to burn a cd-rw or a cd-r with nero. 20 seconds for the TOC and 10 seconds for the file. with DVD’s i believe that it has to create the toc though that is really weird because i have never heard of that in these forums at all not just the newbie ones.

I try using cd-rw then. Thanks!