Fastest speed for clv

just wanna ask which writer has the fastest clv write strategy speed. straight clv not z-clv.

on pioneer 108 it could go 6x. any other writers that could do faster?

I don’t think any drive spins it faster than 7x at the start - a few P-CAV drives do a very short ramp-in to 8x - the result may be similar to 8x CLV, the time certainly is - and a point of diminishing returns, actually.

so looks like 6x straight clv would be the max since p-cav write strategies would start around this speed.

7.3x actually with GSA-4163B and GSA-5163D. P-CAV drives are quite common, not just a few.

7.3x CLV would be possible, but it makes a lot of noise at the first 500MB or so.

so the LG 4163 doesn’t do 6x CLV for DVD+/-R. seems that the pioneer is the fastest. i don’t know but i feel CLV produce the best burns.