Fastest speed at 8x


I guess this is my first post and I’d like to say hi to all people here for being very informative.

After reading too many threads about PX-716A, i decided to buy a NEC3500.

I have no hardware/technical problems, but more of “speed” issues.

I bought TDK 8x DVD+R discs and I want to write them on 8x speed. NEC 3500 allows me to burn them at 12x and 16x, but i don’t want to, because these discs are designated as masters, therefore, i cannot risk their quality.
I noticed that when you select 8x, the recording starts at 4x, then at 6x and then at the end at 8x, resulting a succeful burning at about 9-10 minutes.
It looks strange to me, because i have a PX-708A in work which starts at 6x when recording at 8x and later moves on at 8x, resulting in faster wrinting times.

So, i’m thinking about returning the drive back, just to buy one that can write a 8x disc, starting NOT from 4x, but from 6x or more.

Concluding, can you tell me which 16x DVD±R/RW drive (dual layer also) is the
fastest at 8x? Pionner 108, Asus, PX-716A?

Thank you

This speed is normal for nec, it also occurs in nec 2500 and 2510. I’m not too sure about pioneer or other drives.

Yes, I do understand that this is normal for NEC. That’s why I’m looking for a drive that is faster than NEC at 8x.

I would recommend getting the BenQ 1620a which is faster at recording 8X dvds. Also supports bitsetting

Well, speaking from experience, the Pioneer 108 burns my full capacity 8x DVD-Rs in just under 8mins (ie: 7:58). So I guess that is a fair amount quicker than the NEC… Keep in mind at higher speeds, the Pioneer is generally slower than other drives due to its Z-CLV write strategy, but the write quality is great. Your best bet right now is either the DW1620 from Benq as SonnyUnlocker suggested, or the Pioneer DVR-108.