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I am currently using the latest version of DVD2One with my old Celeron 400 notebook. To my surprise, the compression of a DVD9 to DVD5 only takes 30 - 50 minutes! The problem is as follows:

I only want to have the film, German and English language + subtitles and NO menu. Sometimes, the film is not properly compressed with these settings. A good example is the film “Mindhunters”. When I compress it with these settings, it simply freezes during playback. This is not a medium issue (DVD can be read in CD speed without problems)! When I compress the full DVD (menu included), the playback works flawlessly. The same problem also occurs on my other computer.

Is this “bug” in DVD2One well known and will be solved in a later release? Is there any other software available, which is just as fast - or even faster - than DVD2One?

Thanks in advance!

try dvdshrink, it’s free, fast (depends) and i’ve never had a single problem


DVD Shrink has the “reauthor” option. That’s handy.

Also, where did you get “Mindhunters”? It was just in the theater, won’t be on DVD for months yet?

Mindhunters came out last tuesday in the US

elby CloneDVD ( is very fast and can copy single titles, or it can leave out unwanted titles while keeping the menu intact.

:wink: looks like they try to make some money in us theaters, here was released on march

DVD Shrink won’t work 'cause Mindhunters won’t get past the analyse part, AnyDVD won’t work & neither will DVD Decrypter after playing around with all the settings. Looks like this one has me beat :o( Any help by anyone who has actually cracked this particular film as opposed to the standard decrypter settings for ARccOS protection

You should give elby CloneDVD2 a try.

i have same problem with “Mindhunters” too Anydvd shows removed “Arcoss puppetlock” protection and fixed 2 bad sectors, but still the disk won’t even play, i have tried to analize with other softwares i use such as dvd shrink DVD Decrypter , clonedvd fabdecryptor , and others with no luck, i guess there is away to “crack it” but it might take some one a long time and a lot of patience :doh:

seems Sony have got us on the run, with their “new” disk protection ( for now)

You need to use a PSL2 file with DVD Decrypter.