Fastest Program for converting avi to vob(DVD)

I need to know what is the fastest way to convert an AVI file to a vob(dvd).

IMO - Win AVI Converter. Dependant on PC Spec and file size an average 700Mb AVI to DVD - Ready to burn in under 30mins at excellent quality.

Can you post a link

WinAVI Converter 7.1

Is there any reason you might lose video through this conversion.
My Avi’s worked perfectly on the PC, but no picture once converted through WinAVI to VOB files.

i have tried the avs4you, dvd converterversion 6 and a host of others. some i paid 4 and others free. nothing has worked. i have a 64, duad, hp, 7g mem, 500g hard drive with all the latest software. i even have power2go and that does not work. i have bought nero 8 and that does not convert the avi file extension to play on my dvd player. i paid today for hp live support and they could not help correct the situation. it there any REAL help to truly convert utorrent movie files in avi extension that con be truly changed to a format, full screen to play on my dvd player… i am despirate… help… i have tried just about everything and about every software out there…

The vast majority of torrented movie files are not legal, and not a subject for discussion around here, but on the very large assumption that your files are not copyright protected, we may be able to help.

Nero Vision, within the Nero 8 Burning Suite, should be able to convert avi to dvd for you. It is far from my favorite tool for this however.

Try DVDFlick, AVStoDVD or FAVC. All are free to download and use. (you’ll need AviSynth and Net 2.0 for this, but both are free and there are direct links to both at the FAVC homepage)

One popular commercial product for this conversion is ConvertXtoDVD.

im assuming you want to play them on your dvd player, just buy a new dvd player that plays avi’s from aldi for $30 :wink:

Mate i’m no bill gates or computer whizz lol but i burn dvds off vuze/utorrent with convertxtodvd. Its so simple mate., it’ll burn any video file whether it be 3gp, mp4, avi, flv whatever. If you download it go to settings, video processing or something like that you can change the screen size. I changed mine to scretch to screen it is full screen then. You can get it on btjunkie get the most recent chitchatto one. no viruses you just click convert and put a disk in 40 mins later its burnt to disk

You can get it on btjunkie get the most recent chitchatto one.

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