Fastest Process to ripping



Whats the fastest Process for ripping a movie and having a backup?


Talking strictly speed, DVD Shrink with all its optimizations turned off. But I wouldn’t recommend that for anyone.


so where can you find the balance for speed and quality and being able to remove protection.


DVD Decrypter save as ISO (Pull down menu Mode - ISO - Read).


DVD Decrypter is great if you only have a single layer DVD, will remove protection and write it to your computer in, say, 10 minutes tops.

If you need to shrink the DVD at all, though, there are a lot of options. DVD Shrink is still pretty fast with it’s optimizations turned on, but I wouldn’t go near it unless I’m reducing quality somewhere in the 85% and up range. If it needs some major shrinkage, I use DVD Rebuilder and CCE, which can take between 2 and 5 hours, depending on how many passes I decide on (could be anywhere from 2 to 6). You’ve only gotta do this process once, why not make it worth it?


With DVD Decrypter being discontinued, whats that going to do for being able to rip any more.

I found out that using a Ubuntu with Wine and using dvd shirnk with dvd decrypter that I can get the fastest burn as well with DMA on.

So i am trying to reduce any process that I don’t have to do to get
a fast quality burn.


now what plays a factor when burning on your rig faster Proc, More Mem , Good Mobo, Burner.


You are confusing between ripping (reading) and burning (writing). As per title, the fastest process to rip, IMO, is by using DVD Decrypter if it can handle the protection. If you need to shrink, then it’s another story.

Speed of ripping and burning mostly depend on your dvd burner and media used. If you need to shrink before you burn then you need faster processor and enough memory, assuming that everything else in your system is standard and set correctly.


I see your point so what would be the fastest process in your opinion for writing


Fast writing isn’t controlled by software- it’s all about your drive.


And by fast good quality media.

You need a fast DVD-ROM to rip from, the Asus e616 is pretty good at this - on ide channel separate from your HD. Use Anydvd for protection bypassing. Rip & shrink(if necessary) with DVD Shrink to an ISO image & burn that with DVD Decrypter.

Keep you HD defragged regularly also helps with speed & burn quality.


to TimC’s point - if you just want to get it onto your harddrive - using AnyDVD and just copy and paste is normally very fast. If you do need to shrink the movie to DVD 5 size, I always use CloneDVD2 - never had a problem with it, get great quality and it is fast. Using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 together you can do the rip and shrink in one step - and the burn engine that CloneDVD2 uses seems pretty stable.

Only down side is you have to pay for the software (after the 21 day free trial) on the plus side, it is updated frequently and gets great support on there forums.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to what software you like and are happy to use - everyone will have their own opinion!!


So gathering from all the info from this post this is what I am planning to do.

I have 1 Liteon DVD-ROM reads at 16x no model
1 Plextor 8x Burner
1 20GB HD 1 80 GB and 1 120 GB

My OS is on the 20 and the 80 is for saving DVD ISO’s

I also have one IDE controller card where my 20 my 80 and my 120 will reside on
but on the mobo first Channel the Lite-on second Channel Plextor

OS of Choice is between Ubuntu running wine and using DVD decrypter and DVD shrink , Or Win xp no SP running anydvd and clone dvd 2

what do you guys think of this setup


Other than my irrational prejudice against Linux for getting useful stuff done… it sounds fine.

Well, there is the drawback that any PROTECTED dvd’s (ripguard, arccos, RCE, etc.) can’t be ripped under Linux at all yet. :frowning:


gurm looking through the forum ubuntu with wine running dvd decrpter and shrink works better on linux than windows


You might need to patch the Liteon to get max ripping speed. I had to do this with my SOHD-167T & now it rips at 12x, can go to 16x with a different patch.

DVD Shrink or CloneDVD2? Shrink is free but CloneDVD2 is updated regularly as abrown has pointed out. It’s a toss up really.

What is clear , however, is that AnyDVD & Shrink/CloneDVD2 is faster than decrypter & shrink.


TimC where can i get a patch to enable my liteon to rip at 16x


I’m not totally sure, but try this thread: or here:


Try here: