Fastest on Burning AVI files



Hello all,

Just tried searching but it didn’t really work ? All I get is a blank page.

Anyway, I was just wandering what is the best/fastest software to use on burning AVI files onto a DVD.

What I have are AVI episodes of shows, and I want to be able to burn it to my dvd and be able to watch it on my dvd player.

Ive tried Nero vision and it takes forever to burn a full dvd worth of files. Any other alternatives?


Avi2DVD will usually do it and the price is right (free).

You have to realise that most AVI’s are Mpeg4 and they need to be converted back to Mpeg2 and it takes a long time (several hours) even on fast machines.

DVD’s require Mpeg2 (or mpeg 1) video streams … unless you have an MPEG4/divx compatible dvd player (very common & cheap now) and they can just be backed up as avi’s on the DVD & played.


Okay, thanks for explaining that to me. Now, I dont have the mpeg4 compatible player.

So all convertion/burning avi to dvd takes long? if so, what is the fastest? does not matter of the price.


Other people can advise on the fastest encoders.
Fastest doesn’t mean good quality, usually it’s the exact opposite.


Most people don’t want to spend a great deal on an mpeg encoder. They use free programs like SUPER, or Avi2DVD. There are some all-in-one packages, like Nero Vision or Ulead Studio 10 or Movie Factory 6 and they aren’t too expensive, but are not the best quality.

Avi2DVD is actually a pretty good choice, since you can use a very good encoder like the HC encoder with it. The HC encoder’s only real drawback is that it isn’t as fast as some others. And you’ve stated that is a problem for you.

MainConcept has a good mpeg encoder that can output to dvd format. The non-H264 version was about $150 last time I looked. The H264 version is about $550. I’ve used the earlier one and liked it well enough. ProCoder2 ($500) is another possibility, though it will soon be replaced by ProCoder3.

One of the fastest is CCE (CinemaCraft Encoder). Very expensive, but high quality. I doubt you’ll want to spend that kind of money—I don’t remember off hand but I think it was $1800 or so? And you’ll need an authoring program to go with it.

If you have a computer with a multi-core cpu, you’ll want an encoder that can make use of them. This will speed things up considerably. And the Intel cpu’s seem to be faster for video encoding overall.

The easiest choice is simply to buy a cheap dvd player that is capable of playing Divx or Xvid files (as debro hinted at earlier). Burn your videos onto a dvdr as data files in Nero, not as a dvd-video, and you’re off and running.


I agree with debro’s statement on the format of Avi files and what is it takes to burn them on DVD.


thanks for the reply kerry56, but I am interested on the CCE. What did you mean by “authoring program to go with it”? So I take that CCE is both fast and good quality as you proposed?

currently, I am using an Intel Pentium M processor, I doubt it is multi core cpu, so I guess any regular encoder works?. any other ideas?


Okay I dled the trial version of CCE, Now, what exactly am I missing? I thought they said that its included in it?, the “authoring program” would be like a nero burning program?


After looking at the CCE website, the latest version of their encoder is CCE SP2, and costs $1950. While this is a very good program, I can’t see that it is worth 4 times MainConcept H264 or ProCoder2. If you truly are interested, I’d download the trial of CCE and work with it for a while. The trial version will put a watermark on your video, but just for testing purposes, this should give you an idea if the program suits your particular needs.

As far as I am aware, CCE doesn’t output to dvd format. What you will get will be dvd compliant mpeg2 files. Which you can put into an authoring program, build menus and output as dvd vob files in a Video_TS folder. These can be burned as dvd-video using any burning program of your choice. I like ImgBurn personally.

The authoring program I use is the older version of DVD Lab Pro. Never saw a reason to upgrade to 2.0, but the newer one should work reasonably well for you. A more professional authoring tool would be Sonic Scenarist.

It really depends how serious you are about video conversion. Mpeg2 isn’t going anywhere soon, but high def formats are going to other codecs, like H264 and VC1, which CCE doesn’t handle. I can’t see investing that much money into a pure mpeg encoder right now.

Edit: You must have posted just ahead of me.


LOL thanks for the info. I have heard of the ImgBurn and Dvd lab pro. But again, which authoring program would be best for its speed and quality when burning into dvd?

also, what do you mean by watermark logo? hehe, sorry for all the questions but thanks for all the info… :bow:


When you use the trial version of CCE, it will add a watermark to your video. You will see it when you playback the mpeg2 file.
The trial is only intended for testing purposes, so you won’t be able to get rid of the watermark once it is in your converted files.

I’ve never timed the various authoring programs, so I haven’t got a clue as to which is the fastest. I prefer DVDLab Pro over the Pegasys products like TMPGenc Author 1.6 or 2.0. Haven’t tried the Womble programs, but they include editing capabilities as well as authoring. You should download a few trials to test. There are free authoring programs also, if you don’t need anything fancy. DVDStyler and GuiforDVDAuthor are a couple I know of.



If you like the quality of CCE but do not consider $1950 a good investment, Cinema Craft have a more consumer friendly version for [B]$58[/B] :slight_smile: which supports same quality output with 2-pass restriction.

The FilmMachine is a nice freeware program which can be used with CCE & other MPEG-2 encoders for conversion of other formats to DVD-Video.


okay, thanks for the info… I tried Thefilmmachine but didnt really like it… Couldnt merge different avis together?,

Anyway, what is your input in comparing TMPGEnc and CCE?


You do want to open up a big can of worms with that question. I advise going to and reading the thread on mpeg encoder comparisons. Its long but has a lot of information. Here it is That post started in 2004 and still has contributors in 2007!

For the price, TMPGenc Plus is a darn good encoder. It isn’t speedy though.


As far as I know Nero 7850 retail version has plugins for MPEG2 and 4, so if you have this Nero you might have all you need with written help manuals.


Try the 30 day free trial of VideoReDo. Is almost as fast as CCE SP2 but a lot more affordable if you like it. Does in 10 minutes what most other programs take 2 - 3 hours.




VideoRedo is an mpeg editor, a very good one which I use myself, but it cannot encode avi or anything else to mpeg format. It isn’t an encoder like CCE SP2.


I dont have the Nero 7 version, I hav the 6… =[… although I liked the Nero for its simplicity…

Neway, I just downloaded the DVD Lab Pro 2(is it fast?). Ill start playing around with it… Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated… =]


I’ve always found Convertxtodvd to be the fastest to convert avis. On a 2.5 p4 it takes about 2hrs for a 2 hr movie. Here’s the link to the freeware version when it was still called vsodivxtodvd.