Fastest lightscribe dvd recorder

I’ve heard LG has released a new lightscribe recorder which prints a disc in only 5 minutes (compared to the 20-25 of the previous ones is certainly awesome).
I want to know if this is true and which is the faster one to print using lightscribe technology


Where did you hear that?
Check out this thread on Lightscribe times between 1.0, 1.2 and 1.3 (unavailable) media.
These are the standard times with 1.0 media:
Setting Title only Title & content Full label
Best < 4 min. < 9 min. < 29 min.
Normal < 3 min. < 7 min. < 24 min.
Draft < 2 min. < 4 min. < 18 min.
So yeah, the LG will burn a Lightscribe disc in 5 minutes, if there’s practically nothing on it. AFAIK, Lightscribe media is the same as any other, you can’t write 4x discs at 16X (and before the nitpickers jump in, there’s no OverSpeed patch for LightScribe).

Short course: Given the same media version, image and software, every burner will take the same amount of time to burn.

This is what the customer service of LG told me:

Dear Sir
Lg is already distributing on the market the GSA-H20LB which has 2x lightscribe that prints faster. I have asked for the times but no reply up to now


I googled all over the place and couldn’t find any indication that the GSA-H20LB is anything other than what it says: “Lightscribe Technology”. Now, that doesn’t mean I am absolutely certain (see my sig.) but I’ll stand by my earlier assertion about Lightscribe: same software, same media, same image, different burner = same burn time. I strongly suspect that if LG’s burner could burn media 2X faster than anything else you would see two indications:

  1. Heavy advertising by LG of this fact,
  2. More that one post (besides this thread) in CDFreaks talking about this drive.

Methinks that LG’s customer service pulleth your leg.

Probably :bigsmile: