Fastest Flash Stick?

What are the fastest 1GB flash drives out at the mo?? both with reading and writing. The Gizmo Overdrive looks fast by the specs, but what else??

I don’t have much experiences in this field.
But I think OCZ Rally 2 flash memories are fast ones.
At least for the quality,they are number one.
Just visit the site and see the specifications.

You could try this alternative.
It’s an Iogear usb flash drive that takes SD and MMC cards.
I got mine here, although you could probably find these less expensive elsewhere.

You can then buy the fastest SD card out there for it.
And you could use any SD card you find with this little jewel. :slight_smile:

This is a gem.
As far as I know OCZ is a company which just concentrates on producing memories with the highest quality and speed.
So you can buy a SD card made by OCZ and use it with this new usb flash drive.

That should be interesting.