Fastest, feature rich encoder/converters

Hi everyone,
I have been looking for encoders/converter for quite sometime but haven’t got one that can handle the functionalities like joining avi file to produce one DVD file, cropping. Sharpness/contras, brightness and some other enhancement filters. Above all a fit to DVD/disk feature with fast encoding & conversion

I have used most of the popular encoders/converters including, ProCoder 2, which does cropping sharpness and all the twining features but extremely slow on a normal P4 computer. Used a couple of ULead converters –Ulead DVD Workshop and Movie Factory quite expensive application but no high end features and slow at the same time. Sonic MyDVD 6 sounded so promising so I had to spend some more money just to check if it can do all the jobs but end up with no result and I must say the process to convert 2 small avi files into a DVD format is quite frustrating it took 28 hours to convert 2 MPEG-2 encoded files into DVD format on a P4 computer. Shortly used all the small converters like WinAVI, Advance X avi converter, VSO Divx to DVD converter all of these lower end application converts/encodes some of them fast but the problem is –it doesn’t play in all the DVD players, I figured that there is a region coding issues with these lower end converters so gave up on them too.

Finally decided to join this forum to get some help, I m sure there are some professional out there, kindly help me with encoder/converter for the features mentioned above. I really appreciate you help…thanks

If you want to do serious stuff, use Adobe Premiere, or Vegas Video. You can pick up Premiere 6.5 or Vegas Video ver. 4 or 5 for under $180.00. If you qualify or have someone in the family who does, you can purchase the current versions of academic software for around the same price.

nerovision express/make dvd video